Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. According to research, the most abused prescription drugs are oxycodone (brand name OxyContin) and hydrocodone (brand name Vicodin). Researchers surveyed more than 3,500 prescription painkiller abusers in 160 drug-treatment programs across the United States. They found that 45 percent of participants favored oxycodone and 30 percent favored hydrocodone. Both are extremely addictive and have serious long term impact on both health and behavior.

Prescription Drug Abuse Is Define As Any Of The Following:

  • Taking a medication differently from how it was prescribed
  • Taking prescription drugs that were prescribed to somebody else
  • Taking larger doses than you were prescribed
  • Ingesting the drugs differently than how you are supposed to (Crushing tablets and then snorting or injecting them)
  • Taking the drugs to get high

Nearly all prescription drugs have some risk of side effects associated with their usage. Doctors are expected to take this information into account when prescribing medicine, but sometimes drug abusers are able to hide their intentions. Often times addicts will be able to get their prescription drugs through non-medical sources.

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